And the winner is…..



There were so few participating in the Give Away that I would have liked to have something for all of you…. But at the same time I was really happy that it was REGINE because she has a blog that I’ve followed for a long time – because it’s worth following! And she really deserve a happy and healthy 2012!!

So Thank You Regine – keep up the good work beautiful girl 🙂

Check out her blog here:

For those of you who didn’t win this time – I will be having more great give aways in 2012 – so please stay with me!


Technical accessories for your precious tools…

I have a MacBook 13″, iPad 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S II

I carry these three items with me everywhere. The iPad sleeve I bought a while ago in pink imitated leather did not last very long.. So I bought a new one in black and real leather. It’s got a hint (and just a tiny hint..) of Chanel I think, but probably just because it is black and has got this diamond stitching on it. The one thing I miss about it is the opportunity to carry some documents as well as the iPad. This one here has got all that!

M.A.C Black iPad Case, $195

Bronze M.A.C iPad Case

This one is pretty cool as well…

Source: Rebecca Minkoff

Then you have a few from Mulberry:

Source: Mulberry

The Hermes iPad station….. But it’s really expensive (the most expensive I believe) and does nothing else than to cover the iPad. It’s not even possible to close it with a zipper or button. You just fold it around the iPad.

Hermes iPad station in swift calfskin

Souce: Hermes

And then – last but not least – The Chanel iPad Clutch – ME LIKE!

Source: Chanel

Does anyone have some good ideas for a cover for my Samsung Galaxy S II?? SALE!! These are my favorites……

I have had a few posts about Mulberry lately, but I just had to bring this on…

There is a Mulberry sale going on now (- you probably already new?), and if there is something you’ve been wanting from there – it could be worth to have a look. I have picked my wishlist;

Carter Camera Bag is #1 - Now €672 (was €1120)

Or the Mini Carter Camera Bag now €486 (was €810)

Bayswater Sleeve for 13" now €371 (was €530)

I’m not quite sure about the patent leather though, I think I would prefer natural leather on this one..

Woman's Travel Wallet now €238 (was €340)


I like this one! Perfect for keeping everything organized when you’re traveling. Who has not felt the panic when you get to the airport and has to look through your entire bag before you finally find that passport or the flight tickets…. I even like the pop color as it stands out from the rest of what’s in my bag and therefor even easier to locate!

Just a reminder of my Mulberry Give Away!

So far there has been only one – ONE – respond on my post about the give away..

Edit: there has been a few more comments, but they were in the unserious folder… Fixed it and now you’re in!!

I don’t know if it was bad timing with christmas and everything that’s going on at that time or maybe you guys don’t like Mulberry that much?? But I’ll try again 🙂

To encrease your chance of winning the gorgeous Tudor Mirror in black patent leather just;

1. Leave a comment

2. Tell your readers about the Give Away on your blog or Facebook

You don’t have to be a follower here or on Twitter  (I would of course be very happy if you did – I’m @mybeautifulbag on Twitter, but it’s not a must!), just tell your friends about it on your blog/FB.

Here is a picture from of the mirror, the only difference is that the one I’m giving away is black.

Mulberry Greta Small Satchel – my christmas present – from me….

I have never paid much attention to this bag before I saw it a few weeks ago. I’ve been carrying quite large bags for the past years because I’v had to bring a lot of stuff for my kids. Now they are getting older I don’t need to carry all that anymore and this little sweet sweet bag caught my attention. I absolutely love it!

The leather is so soft and spongy ❤

And tomorrow I’ll show you some modeling pictures with it.

A day soon I’ll write about what’s in my bag…

I’m a member of the Purse Forum and I’m from time to time obsessed with the threads «What’s in my Mulberry/Louis Vuitton/Chanel/Hermes  bag..»

A little Mulberry treat Give Away! – It’s Christmas!

My blog is quite new – but I would really like to hear what you like about it and even more important; what you feel is missing – so far..

What I want you to do is; – give me a feedback as a comment here, leave your email address or the link to your blog. And I would also really appreciate it if you could tell your readers about this giveaway on your blog 🙂

I will announce the winner the 30th of December!

What you can win is a super cute mirror from Mulberry that fits perfectly in any bag – big or small;

We’ve had our first christmas party at home this evening and it was especially nice since my brother came straight to our house after a trip to Mexico and Miami.

I love spending time with my family and friends – I have two brothers and one sister .  We also have the best neighbours in the world and the 1st day of christmas we’re going to their house for dinner.

Happy Holidays everyone!