My Classic Chanel 2.55 Double Flap in Lambskin

Gabrielle «Coco» Chanel originally designed these bags. After her death in 1971 Alain Wertheimer (the grandson of her financial backer) took control and in 1983 he managed to convince Karl Lagerfeldt to leave Chloe and join Chanel.

Coco Chanel made the first 2.55 double flap in 1955, but it was not the bag that I guess you first think of. The bag back then was the one that now is known as the Reissue. Coco’s 2.55 and the ‘reissue’ have a full chain strap and a rectangular twist lock. The chain was inspired by her orphanage guard’s similar to one from which their keys would hang. The twist lock simply practical and secure, now often termed the ‘madamoiselle’ lock, after Coco who never married.

Karl’s 2.55 introduced the familiar interlocked CC logo of the house of Chanel into the twist lock design, the leather threaded through the chain strap was also a later addition. This design is also referred to as the ‘classic flap’. In 2005, the 50th anniversary of the 2.55, Largerfeld ‘reissued’ Coco’s 2.55, so today both styles can be purchased in various colours and materials.

This is my bag in Lambskin with Silver Hardwear.

Found this pictures and the history above on the blog of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom – check it out! This is a genuine Reissue bag from between 1955-60 designed of Coco Chanel herself and this lucky girl got it after searching for ages. Finally she found it half across the world from the UK.


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