Givenchy Antigona

This bag is really classy and classic – not to mention gorgeous!

It reminds me a little bit of the Nightingale, but this one is even better. The Nightingale slouches a lot more and that makes the Antigona far more stylish I think.

I found this one on Shopstyle and it’s on sale, but I couldn’t find out if they ship to Europe.. And when I found the european «site» I couldn’t find the bag!! Help!

Look at the supercool zipper details on the handles! This one you can find on My Theresa, and they do ship to Europe. Just be aware of the taxes here in Norway.. This on cost 1639 Euro.


Here is Rachel Zoe with her Antigona, looks like she has got the suede, black version.

And here is beautiful Zoe Saldana – gorgeous!

Last but not least, Chiara Ferragni – another picture from her trip to Shanghai! Go to her site and read all about it – and see more picture.


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