A compliment is just as good to give as to receive – I got a few for my new Cameo pants!

It is always quite exiting when you order from a new online shop for the first time. The ones I order regularly from and know which sizes that fits me is easy, but this time I had to take the chance – it worked out well!

They both fits perfectly and I wore the first one at work the other day. I even got a lot of compliments. It’s alway nice to recieve spontaneous compliments and I really try to give a few myself during the day. Not just to my colleagues who either deserve it or who I can feel really needs it just to brighten up his/hers day a little bit.

But also to my children, my three children that I love so much, – who has such different personalities! I compliment them every time they do something good. If my eldest son takes his plate after dinner and place it in the dishwasher machine, if my youngest son helps me to take the garbage out and when my 2 1/2 year old princess manage to put on her sock all by herself !  And last, but not least, my fiancee… I compliment him when he picks up his dirty socks from the floor or washes the kettles after dinner. But here I really could do better… I must focus on the good things and not all the small irritating stuff!… After all he’s got the biggest heart and looks out for everyone, the nicest smile and I love him so much! That’s what’s really important, right!!


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