All I want for christmas from Louis Vuitton….

I’ve made a wishlist from Chanel and Mulberry, but there are a few on my list from Louis Vuitton as well..

The Lumineuse PM in the color ombre has been on my list for quite a long time, I have more than one black bag and I really want one in brown. Isn’t this beautiful?!

The bag retails for 1450 GBP (about 13000 NOK)

The Artsy MM in the same color, ombre, is another really stylish alternative. Slightly more expensive, 1520 GBP (about 13800 NOK).

I like to have a matching wallet with my bag and the secret long wallet is perfect. I have the same in Monogram (the illustration line) and it’s not just gorgeous to look at, it’s super practical as well. You can fit a thin smartphone in it (for example iPhone or Galaxy S II) and a small lipgloss. It has a lot of credit card slots, a zippered compartment for change and pockets for receipts and notes.  In other words you can use it as a small clutch!

I have a couple of scarves from Louis Vuitton; The New Denim stole in silk and the leopard stole from the Stephen Sprouse line.

This is the New Denim (330 GPS/ca 3000 NOK) and that would actually be perfect with the color ombre;

I would have liked to add one more scarf to my collection and the Monogram Shawl would have been perfect. That one is of a mix of silk and wool. A perfect combination for the winter in Norway. Price 315 GPS (about 2800 NOK)

Images: Louis Vuitton


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