Just a reminder of my Mulberry Give Away!

So far there has been only one – ONE – respond on my post about the give away..

Edit: there has been a few more comments, but they were in the unserious folder… Fixed it and now you’re in!!

I don’t know if it was bad timing with christmas and everything that’s going on at that time or maybe you guys don’t like Mulberry that much?? But I’ll try again 🙂

To encrease your chance of winning the gorgeous Tudor Mirror in black patent leather just;

1. Leave a comment

2. Tell your readers about the Give Away on your blog or Facebook

You don’t have to be a follower here or on Twitter  (I would of course be very happy if you did – I’m @mybeautifulbag on Twitter, but it’s not a must!), just tell your friends about it on your blog/FB.

Here is a picture from Mulberry.com of the mirror, the only difference is that the one I’m giving away is black.


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