My Christmas present to my fiancee – Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Taiga

Illustration photo from Louis Vuitton

My fiancee was constantly looking for his keys, his wallet and his cards….

So this one holds it all in one place – and he doesn’t have to run around the house every time he’s off to work 😉

My fiancee is not a typical LV boy – at all….. So I thought if he didn’t want to use it I could definitely use it for something 😉 But luckily he liked it (I think..) and he has used it every day since christmas!


My collection 3 – Louis Vuitton Marie Wallet

This is the Marie Wallet with red interior. I have a few wallets, but this has definitely become my favorite. The size is a big plus as it fits as easily in a small bag as in a big bag – and it’s easy to get to the coins and the cards.

The price was not too bad either (compared to other LV wallets that is.. ;-)) and it cost $345 (2600 NOK). At least it could be possible to save up the money if you really want it!

I bought it on a trip to Edinburgh were I bought a couple of other things as well. This was the first time I used the form for Tax Refund and about a month later I got the Tax refund paid into my bank account! 🙂

My new beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note!

I love this phone!

With it’s massive 5,3 inch display it’s a pleasure to read blogs, Facebook, emails – you name it – on it. I’ll have to admit that it looks a tiny bit odd when I’m talking on the phone (it is huge…), but in fact that ‘s the thing I do the least. In fact I’m texting, surfing, checking mail, blogs etc more.

I actually read in a review of the phone that this is not the phone to buy if you want to look ultra-cool, the size makes you look daft — or even Hobbit-like — when making or taking a call…. Oh what the heck!

Look at this fantastic piece of magic and technology;

I’ve protected the back with a red cover and the display with a screen protector.

Can you spot the bag that’s in the background as my wallpaper?? Anyone??

Here reading my blog 🙂

Here I’m reading an email from Efva Attling, I adore her jewelry…

A comparison shot with the Galaxy S II and the Note;

The AMOLED technology makes the screen insanely sharp and the colours are gorgeously rich and saturated, while black areas of the screen actually look black rather than dark grey.

Beautiful rings from Efva Attling and Georg Jensen…

Love Beads Grande, Smokey - 2400 NOK

Efva Attling has got some beautiful rings, the ones that caught my eyes and that I could change between my fusion ring with has to be one of these Love Beads rings ❤

Either silver, which is the most affordable…

Or the gold ones…. The gold ones are quite a bit smaller and I think it would look best if you have at least a couple of them together…

Love Beads in gold or white gold - 4900 NOK

In this picture the model is wearing all 4!

Georg Jensen has got a similar line – Sphere.These comes in silver with different colors of the stone – and the price is quite nice.

Beautiful design..

Sphere ring from Georg Jensen with amethyst - 1700 NOK

I’m the lucky owner of this one! I bought it for myself last summer and it has not left my finger since…

New Shellac colors 2012 has been released – and my order is placed!

The new colors are amazing – and I’ve ordered 4 of them!

The colors that I’ve ordered are; Mushroom Taupe (the one in the middle front), Dark Lava Stormy Raisin (in the middle back) and Silver and Gold VIP Status – sheer diamond and gold effects – which are great for layering over any color!

Can’t wait 🙂

Last time I did my nails I made some effect using Deborah Lippman nail polish;

Love the nightlife - groovy graphite glitter

Shellac; Romantique, Deborah Lippmann effect on thumbs and ring finger

Balenciaga Click in Sanguine

I had almost forgotten about this little sweetie and it has been lying in the closet for months now!

Maybe it was all the dreaming about red bags that made me remember it again. So I found the box, unwrapped it and put the little things that were lying in my bag in it – and voila!

It’s not huge, but it’s quite spacious and holds a lot!

I’ve had a cold for ages this winter (read: pneumonia and throat infection..) so painkillers, Prolip for sore lips and nasal spray has been a must in my bag for the past few weeks!

My modest wish for Valentines Day… from Proenza Schouler with love

Let me introduce to you the Proenza Schouler Valentines Day Collection…


It’s just perfection… If I was going to buy a bag now and it was not going to be black or brown (…) – it would definitely be a red one.

The above is a bit out of my league – price wise, but a red PS11 in red leather or a Celine Triptyque – YES thank you!!!

If I was to choose… 4 black bags and a wallet!

I seem to be a little hooked on Polyvore these day… It’s such a perfect place to dream – and dream…

I have been thinking about if I only could have 5 bags (including a wallet) – which ones would it be… If you (or I..) think about it you could do fine with one Messenger, one Tote, one Satchel, one clutch and a wallet!

So I’ve been looking at the ones I found on Polyvore and I think these would have been my choices from here:

Givenchy Large Pandora - about 13 000 NOK..

Celine Luggage - about 13 000 NOK

Celine Black Classic Box - about 18 000 NOK for a medium

Chanel Caviar Quilted Timeless Clutch - about 10 000 NOK

YSL Zippy Wallet - about 2 800 NOK

Hey – I think I need a sponsor!!! 😀

 I also like red bags and I’ve done the same in that color….

Stay tuned!

Different ways of wearing a Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole

Please – do not pay attention to my super norwegian winter pale skin…..


This was me wearing my Leopard Stole… Now here is some tiny more glamourous people wearing theirs 😀

Beautiful Bar Refaeli


Gorgeous Emma Roberts


Half of the fabulous Olsen Twins!