Celine Luggage Totes, Classic Box and The Clasp bags

Celine Classic Box bag

Picture;  Tommy Ton

The designer of Celine bags, Phoebe Philo, is a creative and talented director. Her goal is to express a contemporary minimalist style through the series of bags. The models are always classic and unique, and the focus is rather functionality than fashion trends. That’s why their easy-going style matches well with different outfits. This also makes the bags a great investment as they last for ever and ever.

Celine Classic Box in Brown - images Celine.com

There was a new line of Celine bags called The Clasp series that came out last spring. These bags as well are just so incredibly classy and ultimate luxurios. The work they do with the quality leather materials and the most meticulous molding and sewing skills, the interior and exterior are in the class of perfection.

Pictures: Celine.com

I have just discovered a new Celine bag that I could die for… It is called the Triptyque and I’ll tell you more about it later. I’ll just show you a sneak peek of it. I have borrowed this picture from Purseblog and I strongly recommend you to take a visit to this blog if you’re interested in bags… This is a fabulous blog wich I love!! This bag has got everything and more…. Sigh….



6 thoughts on “Celine Luggage Totes, Classic Box and The Clasp bags

  1. Det må du gjøre! 🙂 Jeg klarer nesten ikke bestemme meg for om det er den brune Classic box eller den røde Triptyque jeg ville valgt først.. Du kan jo revurdere Chanel’en i morgengave 😉 Eller kanskje ikke…

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