What’s in my Louis Vuitton Palermo PM??

I love looking at pictures of bags – all kinds of bags..

But I also love looking at what’s inside everyones bags!! Don’t you??

The Purse Forum has threads about that in their forum and I love those threads!!

Louis Vuitton Palermo PM

I have just reorganized my bag and to be honest it doesn’t always look this tidy..

In my bag I have my iPad/Logic3 iPad cover, Wapity Case for my compact camera, 4 key holder, Marie Wallet, Chanel lipgloss, Moleskine notebook and pens.

Marie Wallet

I love my Marie Wallet! I got my initials inside it (I’ll show you later), it’s so little – but holds everything I need. Fits perfectly in every bag I have – except the Mini Pochette. But in the Pochette I use the key pouch as I’ve already showed you.

Is there anyone out there who wants to show me your bag and maybe what’s inside??

If you do – tell me – and I’ll post your picture(s) here with a link to and description of your blog! That would be fun – and it does not have to be a designer bag!


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