My new beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note!

I love this phone!

With it’s massive 5,3 inch display it’s a pleasure to read blogs, Facebook, emails – you name it – on it. I’ll have to admit that it looks a tiny bit odd when I’m talking on the phone (it is huge…), but in fact that ‘s the thing I do the least. In fact I’m texting, surfing, checking mail, blogs etc more.

I actually read in a review of the phone that this is not the phone to buy if you want to look ultra-cool, the size makes you look daft — or even Hobbit-like — when making or taking a call…. Oh what the heck!

Look at this fantastic piece of magic and technology;

I’ve protected the back with a red cover and the display with a screen protector.

Can you spot the bag that’s in the background as my wallpaper?? Anyone??

Here reading my blog 🙂

Here I’m reading an email from Efva Attling, I adore her jewelry…

A comparison shot with the Galaxy S II and the Note;

The AMOLED technology makes the screen insanely sharp and the colours are gorgeously rich and saturated, while black areas of the screen actually look black rather than dark grey.


4 thoughts on “My new beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note!

    • I used iPhone for almost 3,5 years (I have been a big big Apple fan..) before I bought the Samsung – and I could never go back. At least not until the iPhone gets a real makeover.. 🙂

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