The beauty of Nature, plus some Mulberry news and Celine cravings….

First a few pictures taken with my Galaxy Note, if you just have the right light you can take quite nice pictures with just a cellphone!

The one to the right is taken the same second the wind blew snow right in the camera (and my face…) and I liked the effect it made on the photo.

The picture on the left is edited in PicsPro (an Android app) that I use while I’m waiting for Instragram for Androids….

But no matter how beautiful the norwegian winter is I long for summer and bright colors;

And some here are some pictures of News from Mulberry;

Grass Green Lizard Print Leather from the Mulberry AW12/13

Natural Mixed Printed Leather from Mulberry AW12/13

This bag was just spotted with Olivia Palermo at the RunWay;

Cookie Small Bayswater Satchel - So Sweet - actually too sweet for me...

Cookie Lily Pebbled Beige Soft Matte Leather

Heart Friendship Bracelet - Hot Fuchsia - this is not new, I just really like it...


2 thoughts on “The beauty of Nature, plus some Mulberry news and Celine cravings….

  1. A friend just got back from her holiday in Norway. The photos of the Northern Lights were breathtaking. I can also understand that after a long winter, it would nice to have a bit of sunlight for a change. I’m amazed at the array of patterns and colors that Mulberry is coming up with but I must say I like your PS1 more 🙂

  2. Åh, drømmen er en Celine Box Bag… Gjerne i lys beige eller ivory…. Den som hadde hatt flust med penger!

    Jeg er enig med deg i at Mulberry’s cookie serie er for søt. Ikke min greie i det hele tatt. Heldigvis – tenk på alle pengene vi sparer!! 🙂

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