Here’s a couple of more bags and wallets that I’ve sold over the last months..

I forgot that I had this post that I wrote a few days ago 🙂

Many of you will probably think it was crazy to sell these two pieces, and if I was a «multimillionaire» I would probably keep them in my new wardrobe with glass doors as trophies – just like others buy expensive art and put on their walls ;-)…. But I don’t feel I have that much money –  and I’m not attending a lot of cocktail parties or premieres (read: NONE..) either, I’m not that often on trips that would make it nice to wear this piece of art and it doesn’t feel natural wearing it at my work … Most of the time I’m at home, at work, in the mountains with my family,  at the football practice with one of my sons in wind and rain or family gatherings with my parents, brothers and sister….

Enough said (to convince myself that it was no good keeping them..)  – I hope the girls that bought them use them A LOT and take good care of them… 🙂

Regrets – of course – I had planned that my daughter was going to inherit them – but at the end I sleep very well at night after all 😉

SOLD – Louis Vuitton Make up pouch

Regrets – yes a little – and it might be that I buy a new one exactly the same… When I sold it I was desperate about another bag and I sold many things to justify that purchase – as well….

SOLD – Balenciaga coin purse

Regrets – no – I have the Bal Click 😉

To be continued!….


8 thoughts on “SOLD #2

  1. Den Chanelen der tror jeg må være min største drøm! … du bør trolig ikke fortelle din datter at du solgte den hun egentlig skulle få. Tror jeg hadde dødd :p

  2. I know what you mean. I used to keep bags around hoping that one day I might use them or pass them to my daughter. It took me years but I finally got around to sell my medium flap (just like yours). Your lifestyle sounds like mine, replacing soccer for ballet and mountains for rivers.

  3. Kom tilfeldigvis innom bloggen din, og har bladd gjennom så å si alt nå. Så dukket dette innlegget opp, og jeg vil bare si at det var jeg som kjøpte av deg Chanellommeboken 😉 Jeg bruker den hver dag, og er SÅ fornøyd.

    • Hei Marthe!!
      Dette var moro å høre :)))

      Har savna den litt innimellom, men er veldig glad den kom til noen som setter pris på den og bruker den masse!! 🙂

      Stor klem
      Mona 🙂

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