Proenza Schouler bags/accessories now and then..

Proenza Schouler is a quite young brand compared to for example  Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes, but PS has already planted their roots very well in the fashion world. They’re here to stay…

Proenza Schouler wallet from 2009 - price $165

Here is a picture of a PS wallet that was one of the first items Proenza Schouler sold on their web site.

Lipstick PS1 wallet

And this is what they look like today. I saw the other one at the online shop as well, but it was sold out.

This is the PS1 leather pochette or by the size it – more of a day to night clutch

I borrowed this picture from the purseblog because it easily shows what the bag from PS1 (I think it must be the large one this) is like compared to the very familiar (to most of us) Mulberry Alexa.

Here is the PS1 medium in bright red – sigh… One of my favorites!

This is definitely a favorite – PS11 in Kelly Green!

And last – but not least – two bright red ones…..

PS1 Pouch in bright red

PS1 large wallet with chain.

Proenza Schouler’s V-Day collection

The conclusion on this post must be that the bags have not changed a lot, but there has been some new bags along the way of course. Some seasonal and some that stays.


8 thoughts on “Proenza Schouler bags/accessories now and then..

  1. Vesker i knallfarger er rett og slett herlig! Har så utrolig lyst på en knallgul clutch og en knallrød veske. PS11 i Kelly Green var også veldig fin!

  2. I am so itching to get my first PS but I don’t know what to get. Originally I was thinking a PS1 medium size in the beautiful Orchid colour, but now I am starting to obsessed over the PS11!!! What to do??

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