French Manicure with Shellac

I’m going on a business trip this weekend and since this week is full booked I did my manicure on Saturday..

I have used the colors Romantique as base color and Studio White to get the white tips. This color is not as white as Cream Puff and I think it gives you a lot more natural finish.

As decor I used small diamonds, painted flowers with Asphalt and Gotcha and one layer of Silver VIP sheer diamond effect.

The pink sweater on the last picture is from Gina Tricot. I have it in both beige and pink and they’re so nice.

With the pink one I also bought a pair of pink jeans as well – looking forward to wear other colors than beige, brown and black…


9 thoughts on “French Manicure with Shellac

    • Thanks Kiwi 😀 The silver ring with black stone is from Calvin Klein. Bought it at the airport 3 years ago!
      The small one in white gold with diamonds is my engagement ring, and the one in white, red and yellow gold with small diamonds is from Georg Jensen (Fusion).

  1. Flotte! Tips: om du legger negligee som første strøk, blander to dråper cream puff i studio white`n og påfører denne, og avslutter med romantic blir dt dritlekkert. Når romanticen begynner å bli seig, bland i en god dæsj negligee (helt ny) og den blir enda finere enn før. 🙂

    • Tusen takk for supert tips, Marna! 😀
      Er bare en «hobby» negledesigner så jeg setter stor pris på alle mulige råd og tips, dette skal jeg prøve neste gang!

  2. Love your blog so addicted! My fivorate nail polish is by OPI “Stanger Tides and OPI Mermaid Tears ! Possibly the best colors I’ve come across so far. I also completely agree with the whole short square simple look it ads elegance and gives enough character to an outfit that you don’t need crazy designs! Side note: where did you get that nail polish stand?? I def need one for my growing collection.Anyways keep them coming, and as I always say a REAL girl cares about her nails Mel

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