Instagram for Android users!! :-D


I feel I’ve been waiting for ages for this to happen – but here it is the Instagram App for us Android’ers 😀

I’ve found a few of my favorite blogers there as well, like – Regine – regineforsund , Fab Fashion for Less – missmaz81 , MajaHuse – maja_piraja, Kiwifashionblog – kiwifashionblog , Komikerfrue – komikerfrue , CamillaPihl – camillapihlno ,  Chiara Ferragni / the blonde salad – chiaraferragni and last, but not least – the incredibly beautiful Wendy – wendyslookbook

Do you have any favorites to share?? Do you have instragram so please tell me – I would love to see your pictures 🙂

My name there is MYBEAUTIFULBAG


8 thoughts on “Instagram for Android users!! :-D

    • Det gjør ikke no… 😉
      Du har sikkert noe ikke jeg har også, som feks instrument?
      Skulle ønske jeg var litt musikalsk, at jeg hadde en vakker sangstemme – sukk…

  1. Where can I buy the beautifull Céline micro shopper in smooth caramel? Where did you get it online? I’m dying to get this perfect bag:)
    Hope you will help me out!
    Love your blog!

    • Hi Tine,
      Thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

      I have been looking for this bag for a long time. I also had my name on the waiting list at a shop in Oslo, but after waiting for about half a year the beauty showed up at Bonanza and I was so happy!!
      But before I went through with the purchase I did a research about the seller on The Purse Forum (she had a very good reputation 🙂 and when the bag arrived I took my own pictures that I sent in and made them authenticate it for me. You have no idea how many shamelessly dishonest people there are out there online…. It’s sad, but it really pays off doing a lot of research first.
      My suggestion is to keep looking on Bonanza and eBay – and I wish you the best of luck!!

      PS! Please let me know if you succeed!!

      Best regards,

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