It worked out at the end…

For various reasons I’m not a very active blogger at the moment..

Besides being knocked out by the flu for the last couple of weeks, May and June are the most intensive months with football (I’m the coach’s «right hand» on my 10 year old’s football team ;-), we are also moving in 3 or 4 weeks and the house is a mess. Well, actually both houses are a mess at the moment, but hopefully that will change soon..

Anyhow – I’ve had the time to have a back and forth with Louis Vuitton..

I got the Charm It bracelet from my fiancé for Valentines day last year and as beautiful as it is – it’s been a disappointment.. First the charms kept falling off and at the end I just gave up and wore it without them. Then the lock fell of the leather band 3 times and I went to the store and wanted the money back. But they insisted on sending it to Paris for a repair(!) and I waited for about 5 weeks until I finally got it back. They also forgot to send it back to me when it came back to the store in Oslo so I had to ask for it twice.

Then I got the notice in the mail that it had arrived the postoffice and I went to get it; 

I could almost not believe my eyes! They had sent it back and forgot to put in the srew on the lock without charms…. That was the reason it was sent to Paris!

I could easily pull the golden part off the leather band and now I was quite upset…

I then wrote an email back to LV in Oslo telling them exactly what I meant about the whole experience with this bracelet and not long after they called me…

Today I returned the bracelet in the same envelope it came back in – AND I got the money back – or to put it this way – they let me put the money in the bag I wanted for my birthday 😀

That turned out to be the perfect solution!

Next week I’ll show you the bag when it arrives 😉


5 thoughts on “It worked out at the end…

  1. That’s actually very poor service on LV’s part. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had similar experience at Hermes as well where my bag was shipped to Paris for months and came back in the EXACT condition it was in.

  2. Sounds like alot of stress going on right now !
    Glad to hear the LV bracelet turned out to be ok!!

  3. Nå er jeg spent på å se den nye vesken! Flytting tar på og nå reiser jeg for min del bort igjen..-;-) Ser litt på LV sin Neverfull GM i Damier…har du erfaring med denne modellen eller tips til andre store hverdagsvesker? Lykke til med flyttingen!

  4. Uff, så kjedelig at du har vært så masse sjuk – håper du følger deg bedre no!! Skjønner du har det travelt då når du driver med flytting og pakking, alltid masse styr – det tar på med slikt. Armbandet var rålekkert, så bra det ordna seg til slutt 🙂

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