Different ways of wearing a Louis Vuitton Leopard Stole

Please – do not pay attention to my super norwegian winter pale skin…..


This was me wearing my Leopard Stole… Now here is some tiny more glamourous people wearing theirs 😀

Beautiful Bar Refaeli


Gorgeous Emma Roberts


Half of the fabulous Olsen Twins!


The beautiful Blake Lively for Chanel – the Mademoiselle

I now this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I just had to post these pictures of the beautiful Live Blakely.

In Norway this 25 year old actress is most known from Gossip Girl – and I might not be at the age that most of the fans of this tv show is – but I love it!

And I love the bag she’s wearing! This is the Chanel Mademoiselle Bag.

Lively began her acting career at age 11, when she appeared in the 1998 film Sandman, which was directed by Lively’s father. Lively was cast in the CW’s series Gossip Girl, which premiered in September 2007. She plays Serena Van Der Woodsen in this teen drama.

Blake with her hair twisted and braided small pieces, pinned them in and finished with hairspray

All I want for christmas is something Chanel…

– and this something is a Chanel Interlace Chain bracelet, with GHW; These are so beautiful! Not yet out in the store, but soon – very soon…

Or you can get one with burnished silver-tone hardware for a more grunge look;

Source: Bagaholicboy

I wouldn’t mind finding a Chanel GST Tote under the christmas tree either. The GST is such a structured and practical bag. As you can see it has a zipper pocket in the middle and two pockets on each side.

Source: My Fashion Juice

Kathrine Heigl

Sofia Vergara with her GST

Source: Coolspotters

Givenchy Antigona

This bag is really classy and classic – not to mention gorgeous!

It reminds me a little bit of the Nightingale, but this one is even better. The Nightingale slouches a lot more and that makes the Antigona far more stylish I think.

I found this one on Shopstyle and it’s on sale, but I couldn’t find out if they ship to Europe.. And when I found the european «site» I couldn’t find the bag!! Help!

Look at the supercool zipper details on the handles! This one you can find on My Theresa, and they do ship to Europe. Just be aware of the taxes here in Norway.. This on cost 1639 Euro.


Here is Rachel Zoe with her Antigona, looks like she has got the suede, black version.

And here is beautiful Zoe Saldana – gorgeous!

Last but not least, Chiara Ferragni – another picture from her trip to Shanghai! Go to her site and read all about it – and see more picture.

Chiara Ferragni in Shanghai with her Miu Miu Maxi Shopper

I don’t know if Chiara Ferragni and her blog The Blonde Salad is very well known here in Norway?

I have followed her for quite a while and as I’m more of a dreamer – she is pretty much living the life that I and many other girls are – well..- dreaming of.. At least if I was in my twenties again – which I’m not! But enough about that.

She’s in Shanghai at the moment and take a look at her blog and you’ll discover a fantastic real fairytale.

Favorite Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch..

Skulle gjerne hatt en slik en til lipglossen, telefonen og visakortet på julebordet…

//Would love to have one of these for the christmas party to hold my lipgloss, mobile phone and visa//

Kilde: Vogue.com

Skjerf får jeg virkelig aldri nok av – jeg er vel det en kan kalle skjerfavhengig… Føler meg naken i halsen uten – spesielt på denne årstiden.

Et Alexander McQueen skjerf står også høyt på ønskelisten og som dere sikkert allerede nå har mistanke om så er nok ønskelisten min over gjennomsnittet lang er jeg redd….

//I could never get enough scarves – I think I’m addicted.. Feel naked without one – especially at this time of the year. An Alexander McQueen scarf is one of the things on my over average long wish list….//

Kilde: fashionbombdaily.com

Kilde: Vogue.com