Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks

Since I’ve been away for some days I’ll share with you the last photos I’ve uploaded on InstaGram 🙂

The manicure for the trip to Sweden;

The Byske Brigde

Falukorv barbeque;

On the way home;


Hermés Jypsiere 28 – Clemence – Gris Tourterelle!!!

I honestly NEVER thought I would own a Hermés bag – not in a million years…

I just cannot believe that I’ve been so lucky to get this bag and I have to pinch my arm regularly to believe. I think it’s coming to bed with me tonight 😉 On the other hand – that would not be very popular when my daughter might pay us a visit during the night.

Oh well – I’ll put it next to my bed then….

My favorite bags, the color orange and a touch of Hermes..

As I told you in a previous post – my wardrobe consists of a lot of beige…

So to brighten up this color I bought a pair of orange jeans from Lindex at the very affordable price 199 NOK ($35). I’ve had the scarf from Hermes for quite a while and voila – a new look 🙂

The color of the jeans is most alike picture number 2. It’s fun to edit the pictures and give the a little vintage look.

Ooops – I did it again… This time with Proenza Schouler PS11!!

I’ve been writing a few posts about the fantastic, sophisticated, –  yet edgy PS11.

The Hermes Constance and the Celine Classic box has also been on the wish list  – but….

Hermes Constance in Lizard

Celine Classic Box

I’ve been thinking, researching and dreaming before I finally came to the decision that the PS11 suits my wallet and my lifestyle a lot better than the Constance and the Classic Box.

After trying to track down aPS11 in Norway, which seems to be impossible… I was lurking around at the official site of Proenza Schouler. And that was when I realized that they ship international!!

Well the rest is history – the Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic is now on it’s way to it’s new home ❤ ❤

Now I have started the job of selling 2-3 of my «old» bags to justify this insane purchase… As I’ve promised both myself and my fiancee that when a new bag is coming in another has to go….

It’s ok though – my goal for 2012 is to just have left one of each style that I «need» for everyday life 🙂

Beautiful Brown Tones….

I love the combination of brown and gold..

Hermes Birkin, Togo Gold 35 cm, Acne Zorah oversized wool sweater (1100 NOK), Proenza Schouler PS1 large Zip Wallet (3390 NOK), Gold cross drop earrings, Miss Selfridges (40 NOK), Shoes Mulberry, Hermes Double Tour Cape Cod Watch (20 000 NOK), Mulberry Double Wrap Coin Bracelet (1395 NOK), Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet.

Different ways of wearing a 90×90 cm Hermes silk scarf

This is the Voyage Hermes silk scarf by Benoit Pierre Emery issued for AW2009

I watched the youtube video today: «25 ways of wearing a scarf » that I found on sweet Maria’s blog Fab Fashion For Less . Visit her; she’s a fabulous photographer and gives loads of tips on fashion on a budget 🙂 I spend too much on bags so I need to save on other things!

Anyway – I think it is a bit difficult to wear my silk scarf which only measure 90×90 cm. But I got some new ideas from the video and I just have to keep practicing.

Technical accessories for your precious tools…

I have a MacBook 13″, iPad 2 and a Samsung Galaxy S II

I carry these three items with me everywhere. The iPad sleeve I bought a while ago in pink imitated leather did not last very long.. So I bought a new one in black and real leather. It’s got a hint (and just a tiny hint..) of Chanel I think, but probably just because it is black and has got this diamond stitching on it. The one thing I miss about it is the opportunity to carry some documents as well as the iPad. This one here has got all that!

M.A.C Black iPad Case, $195

Bronze M.A.C iPad Case

This one is pretty cool as well…

Source: Rebecca Minkoff

Then you have a few from Mulberry:

Source: Mulberry

The Hermes iPad station….. But it’s really expensive (the most expensive I believe) and does nothing else than to cover the iPad. It’s not even possible to close it with a zipper or button. You just fold it around the iPad.

Hermes iPad station in swift calfskin

Souce: Hermes

And then – last but not least – The Chanel iPad Clutch – ME LIKE!

Source: Chanel

Does anyone have some good ideas for a cover for my Samsung Galaxy S II??

My beautiful Hermes Cape Cod Double Tour is here!!

Den kom tidligere enn forventet til og med 🙂

//It even came earlier than expected!//

Det kan hende jeg kjøper en annen rem til den også – får se. Det er så mange fine farger  – blandt annet Eutope – den er nyydelig!

//I might buy another band for it as well. There are so many nice colors… The Eutope is gorgeous 🙂 //