My new closet for my bags – and maybe some clothes and shoes as well….

As I’ve mentioned before; we’re building a new house and when we first started planning I was hoping for a walk-in closet.

Well I will have one – a big one in a few years – when the kids grow up and move out… (the eldest is now 14 and times go by quickly, but at the moment I’m very happy to have all  3 of them staying at home!)

So for now I’ll have to settle with this one;

And I don’t think this is going to be too bad either?..

In the middle – with the glass doors – that’s where my bags are going to move in!

When it’s finished in hopefully June/July I would love to take some pictures and show you how it turns out IRL with my clothes, shoes, accessories – AND BAGS.

Do you want to see??


French manicure on a lazy but nice christmas day

Today has been a lazy but lovely day. I’ve done French Manicure on my own nails and the beautiful neighbor girl.

No christmas food, instead I prepared some Salmon with onion, sauce, potatoes and vegetables.


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The view from my new house….

We’re building a new house and hopefully we’ll be moving in around May/June 2012.

This is how it looks like today;

A detail picture from inside – and yes, it is snow that you see is laying on the floor (!)

And this is the view from my new home,

– could it get any better??…