It’s been around – 22 degrees here for a week – so I’m dreaming’…..

You should live today and not wish for tomorrow all the time (or something like that..) – but I’m just so ready for spring now – really soon!!

Then I would love to wear a little bit of this 🙂

I’ve written about the Givenchy Antigona before and it comes in so many fabulous colors! This one, Natural Sugar, would be perfect for sunny days.


It is quite a delicate color so you might not want to wear it with your darkest jeans, but other than that it should be fine.


Beautiful Brown Tones….

I love the combination of brown and gold..

Hermes Birkin, Togo Gold 35 cm, Acne Zorah oversized wool sweater (1100 NOK), Proenza Schouler PS1 large Zip Wallet (3390 NOK), Gold cross drop earrings, Miss Selfridges (40 NOK), Shoes Mulberry, Hermes Double Tour Cape Cod Watch (20 000 NOK), Mulberry Double Wrap Coin Bracelet (1395 NOK), Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet.

Bright colors 1 – Pink

I really deeply adore the color brown, beige, black and grey. But as soon as we get to the middle of January, knows that soon we have February and when that month ends we are stepping right into the Autumn I start thinking pink and brighter colors!

I visited Polyvore this morning and started dreaming….

Vintage Chanel in pink with a tassel, Balenciaga Arena Day, Prada Messenger Bag, Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta Knot Intreccio Memory Clutch, Mark by Mark Jacobs wallet.

Proenza Shouler PS1, Valentino Leather iPad cover, Dolce & Gabbana , M-edge accessories, Prada iPad Sleeve, Mulberry Adjustable iPad Cover, YSL Belle du Jour iPad Sleve, Smythson iPad Case with Zip

Burgundy Hermes Constance

Burgunder er en av mine favorittfarger for tiden og denne ville satt prikken over i’en til ethvert antrekk. Burgunder passer så og si til alt etter min mening.

Tenk å komme med denne over skulderen i juleselskapet eller som en messenger bag nedover gaten i din favorittby iført jeans, enkel hvit topp og pumps…

Denne er i vintage krokodilleskinn med GHW

Antrekk som bare mangler en Hermes Constance...

Fant denne skjønneheten på bloggen til – for 15 000 BPS ( ca 140 000 kr) blir den din ;-)….

//Burgundy is one of my favorite colors these days and this beauty would have made almost any outfit just perfect.. In my opinion burgundy goes extremely well more or less everything.

Imagine coming to the christmas party with this over your shoulder or walking down the street with jeans, a white tee and pumps.

This is vintage crocodile skin with GHW – a rare piece..

I found this bag at – just visited their online shop and wow… They have some nice items there!