It’s been around – 22 degrees here for a week – so I’m dreaming’…..

You should live today and not wish for tomorrow all the time (or something like that..) – but I’m just so ready for spring now – really soon!!

Then I would love to wear a little bit of this 🙂

I’ve written about the Givenchy Antigona before and it comes in so many fabulous colors! This one, Natural Sugar, would be perfect for sunny days.


It is quite a delicate color so you might not want to wear it with your darkest jeans, but other than that it should be fine.


Beautiful rings from Efva Attling and Georg Jensen…

Love Beads Grande, Smokey - 2400 NOK

Efva Attling has got some beautiful rings, the ones that caught my eyes and that I could change between my fusion ring with has to be one of these Love Beads rings ❤

Either silver, which is the most affordable…

Or the gold ones…. The gold ones are quite a bit smaller and I think it would look best if you have at least a couple of them together…

Love Beads in gold or white gold - 4900 NOK

In this picture the model is wearing all 4!

Georg Jensen has got a similar line – Sphere.These comes in silver with different colors of the stone – and the price is quite nice.

Beautiful design..

Sphere ring from Georg Jensen with amethyst - 1700 NOK

I’m the lucky owner of this one! I bought it for myself last summer and it has not left my finger since…

Beautiful Brown Tones….

I love the combination of brown and gold..

Hermes Birkin, Togo Gold 35 cm, Acne Zorah oversized wool sweater (1100 NOK), Proenza Schouler PS1 large Zip Wallet (3390 NOK), Gold cross drop earrings, Miss Selfridges (40 NOK), Shoes Mulberry, Hermes Double Tour Cape Cod Watch (20 000 NOK), Mulberry Double Wrap Coin Bracelet (1395 NOK), Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet.

All I want for christmas is something Chanel…

– and this something is a Chanel Interlace Chain bracelet, with GHW; These are so beautiful! Not yet out in the store, but soon – very soon…

Or you can get one with burnished silver-tone hardware for a more grunge look;

Source: Bagaholicboy

I wouldn’t mind finding a Chanel GST Tote under the christmas tree either. The GST is such a structured and practical bag. As you can see it has a zipper pocket in the middle and two pockets on each side.

Source: My Fashion Juice

Kathrine Heigl

Sofia Vergara with her GST

Source: Coolspotters

My favorite jewelry…

The ring is the Fusion ring from Georg Jensen, the necklace is a gift from when I was baptized, and the bracelets are the lava with gold-plated sculls from Lovestones.

I would really like to have a couple from the Bohemian line as well…. The gold multi sculls bracelet is – oh so cool! Imagine that in the middle of my two lava..

On my Mulberry Wishlist!

Fikk en mail fra Mulberry for noen dager siden hvor man kan sette opp ønsker for intill 6000€!!

Det har jeg gjort 😀

//Got an email from Mulberry a couple of days ago, – you can put together a wishlist for up to the value of €6000!

I have made one :)//

Polly Push Lock Bracelet i Pebbled Beige Glossy Goat – har ikke kommet ut for salg ennå, men man kan sette seg opp på liste.

Double Wrap Coin Bracelet – dette er favoritten min og med dette belte til….

Nå blir det vel vinter snart – selv om det var nærmere 10 plussgrader her i går!! – og da er det deilig å ha på seg et par varme gode hansker når man skal ut og kjøre bil eller gå fra butikk til butikk på julehandel 🙂

//The winter should be here soon and then it’s nice to have some warm gloves to put on when you’re out for a drive or walking from shop to shop before christmas 🙂 //

Mitzy Gloves i Oak Deerskin.


Siste frist til å sende inn ønskelisten på er 15. desember 🙂