Classy and functional bag for work

I have more than once driven to work in my car with my bag, MacBook, the electricity wire, and a large notebook, an extra cardigan (cause the cafeteria at my work is freezing cold most of the time) in the passenger seat. And that’s ok until your get to the parking lot, pick up everything, try to get out of the car with everything sticking out everywhere, closing the door (not very gracefully anymore) and then stops thinking – where the heck did I put the car key???

Ok.. the color of my face is getting a bit darker – I open the door again, puts everything in the car seat and start looking for the stupid stupid car key…. Until I find out that I put it in my back pocket on my jeans (back pocket of my jeans?!?)….. Then grabs everything again, manage to finally lock the door and walk to the office building. By the time I hit my desk, the wire’s hanging down on the floor (and have done that since I was outside by the car) and I’ve lost my notebook on the ground a couple of times….

Maybe my next bag should be one of these instead of another one that barely fits my iPad?..

This one from Michael Kors is quite nice, and the price is not too bad either!

MK Macbook Logo Tote $250

If you’re not too fond of Logo bags, Mulberry has made one as well cooperating with Apple and it’s a really nice one.. But I’ll have to warn you; it’s a pricey one and not on sale..

17" Heathcliff suitcase $1260


Gia Clutches from Michael Kors in pink, black and gold!

I don’t own a clutch and off course a bag collection is not complete without one… These from Michael Kors are candidates worth taking an extra look at!

MK Gia Ostrich-Embossed Leather Clutch Neon pink $450

MK Gia Ostrich-Embossed Leather Clutch Black $450

MK Gia Clutch Python Gold $995

MK Gia Clutch Python Gold $995

Images: Michael Kors

The only thing now is that I have to go to more parties… Or should I put it this way: I have to start going to a party now and then….

It’s been a few years now that parties has been a very distant activity for me! But I’ll be back 😉