I’m selling some bags…

If you see one that you’d like – please send me an email 🙂


Chanel Uni Grand Shopper – NOK 5000,-

Original price NOK 10 000,-

You can read more about it and see more picture here

Mulberry Bonnie in black – NOK 2000,-

Since I bought the PS11 – I think they are too similar and it doesn’t get out of the house that much anymore..

Read more and see more pictures here

Balenciaga Click in Sanguine – NOK 1900,-

My son bought me a similar purse (not a designer piece, but the fact that he went out to buy it for me counts so much more…), so I don’t need this anymore! 😀

More pictures here


A little pink Mulberry surprise!

Made a phonecall to Stine Benco Folland at Mulberry in Oslo on Tuesday and Wednesday I found this super cute gift wrapped bracelet in my mailbox!! She is so service minded and nothing is a problem when you ask her 🙂

She makes the Mulberry store in Oslo a friendly and nice place that you want to visit more than once – and it’s not a bad thing that they have such beautiful bags and asseccories there either…

So this is the Peace Friendship bracelet in hot Fuchsia

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves;

Winterholidays on an isle just outside Stavanger – part 1

Ready – Steady – Go!

Traveling with a little child and her backpack – one suitcase and one bag was enough to handle so the PS11 was the only one this time..

At the airport they have quite a few nice Mulberry bags and I took a couple of snapshots…

This is a picture from the only day with sunshine;

The boat trip to and from the isle was something new and exiting!

This is what the weather was the rest of the week – but the scenery is so beautiful, the temperature so nice and the company so perfect that it didn’t matter!

Look at this!

The beauty of Nature, plus some Mulberry news and Celine cravings….

First a few pictures taken with my Galaxy Note, if you just have the right light you can take quite nice pictures with just a cellphone!

The one to the right is taken the same second the wind blew snow right in the camera (and my face…) and I liked the effect it made on the photo.

The picture on the left is edited in PicsPro (an Android app) that I use while I’m waiting for Instragram for Androids….

But no matter how beautiful the norwegian winter is I long for summer and bright colors;

And some here are some pictures of News from Mulberry;

Grass Green Lizard Print Leather from the Mulberry AW12/13

Natural Mixed Printed Leather from Mulberry AW12/13

This bag was just spotted with Olivia Palermo at the RunWay;

Cookie Small Bayswater Satchel - So Sweet - actually too sweet for me...

Cookie Lily Pebbled Beige Soft Matte Leather

Heart Friendship Bracelet - Hot Fuchsia - this is not new, I just really like it...

SOLD #1 – I’ve been good – for a change…

So I’ve mentioned that my goal this year is to sell bags that I don’t use and just have left one messenger, one satchel, one clutch/pochette and one shoulder bag… So I’ve sold a few…

With the house project it’s a little bit difficult to justify having bags that I want to keep just because they’re beautiful to look at.

SOLD – Balenciaga Day in Sanguine

Do I regret – yes… That was the only bag I had in another color than black and dark brown. It was a bag that no one I know have and it was in perfect condition. I need a bag in red….

SOLD – Balenciaga  iPhone case

Regrets – NO – I don’t have an iPhone anymore and it’s way to small for the Galaxy Note 😀

SOLD – Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, matching wallet and iPhone….

Do I regret – NO

The Speedy is classic and iconic – but not a practical bag for me so selling it was ok, the wallet as well as I bought another one I liked better. I’ve even sold the iPhone to finance the Galaxy 😉

SOLD – Louis Vuitton MC zippy coin purse

Regrets – No! Sweet, but not my cup of tea…

SOLD – Mulberry Somerset Tote

Do I regret – a little as it was a great bag to carry all the stuff for my youngest (Changes of clothes, diapers etc, but she doesn’t need that much anymore so it’s ok..)

 SOLD – Mulberry Regular Alexa

Do I regret – No!

I was dying to get this bag, but it wasn’t for me and selling it was no problem.

To be continued……

It’s been around – 22 degrees here for a week – so I’m dreaming’…..

You should live today and not wish for tomorrow all the time (or something like that..) – but I’m just so ready for spring now – really soon!!

Then I would love to wear a little bit of this 🙂

I’ve written about the Givenchy Antigona before and it comes in so many fabulous colors! This one, Natural Sugar, would be perfect for sunny days.

Image; Barneys.com

It is quite a delicate color so you might not want to wear it with your darkest jeans, but other than that it should be fine.

Beautiful Brown Tones….

I love the combination of brown and gold..

Hermes Birkin, Togo Gold 35 cm, Acne Zorah oversized wool sweater (1100 NOK), Proenza Schouler PS1 large Zip Wallet (3390 NOK), Gold cross drop earrings, Miss Selfridges (40 NOK), Shoes Mulberry, Hermes Double Tour Cape Cod Watch (20 000 NOK), Mulberry Double Wrap Coin Bracelet (1395 NOK), Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet.