Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks

Since I’ve been away for some days I’ll share with you the last photos I’ve uploaded on InstaGram 🙂

The manicure for the trip to Sweden;

The Byske Brigde

Falukorv barbeque;

On the way home;


New Shellac Manicure with the colors Rose Bud & Romantique

I just put on the black Shellac on Sunday, but realized that I was not in the «black mood»… And when that happens it has to go – right away! This was the result first;

So I started the process…

10 minutes with pure acetone;

Then the Shellac comes off.. I have to rub gently off the Shellac.

Here I have put Base Coat on the ring finger; – this time a did a color test on one finger before I made the decision of colors…

Two layers with Romantique:

One stripe with Rose Bud and flower stickers;

Here are the thumbs and the rest done as well;

The final result;

– and I had a pink day at work today 😀

French Manicure with Shellac

I’m going on a business trip this weekend and since this week is full booked I did my manicure on Saturday..

I have used the colors Romantique as base color and Studio White to get the white tips. This color is not as white as Cream Puff and I think it gives you a lot more natural finish.

As decor I used small diamonds, painted flowers with Asphalt and Gotcha and one layer of Silver VIP sheer diamond effect.

The pink sweater on the last picture is from Gina Tricot. I have it in both beige and pink and they’re so nice.

With the pink one I also bought a pair of pink jeans as well – looking forward to wear other colors than beige, brown and black…

Shellac Manicure and Proenza Schouler PS11

The Shellac I’ve used here is the new Dark Lava Stormy Raisin –  except on the ringfingers where I used Masquerade with Silver VIP sheer diamond effect and swarovski diamonds.

I’m ready for the winter holidays 🙂





Manicure – Shellac – Purple Purple and Hollywood red

The other day I showed you my new manicure with the color Purple Purple. An absolutely beautiful color, but after about a day I realized that this particular color was not for me… And when I feel something isn’t right (that could be the jumper for the day, the watch, shoes – you name it) it has to be changed IMMEDIATELY!

As I didn’t have time to remove the Shellac and apply from scratch I decided to try just applying a coat of Hollywood red on top of the purple purple..

Here are the two bottles of Shellac

Hollywood and Purple Purple

Only Purple Purple

Getting a manicure (by myself) – eating lunch – my 2,5 year old running around – taking pictures….

only a woman can handle so many things at once 😉

Comparing the colors – half way!

And here is the result

The result of the two colors together – a deep wine red touch

After watching her mum doing her nails and taking pictures – of course my 2,5 years old made a pose demanding being taken pictures of as well 😀 Pink nails and bracelets to match…..

It’s been around – 22 degrees here for a week – so I’m dreaming’…..

You should live today and not wish for tomorrow all the time (or something like that..) – but I’m just so ready for spring now – really soon!!

Then I would love to wear a little bit of this 🙂

I’ve written about the Givenchy Antigona before and it comes in so many fabulous colors! This one, Natural Sugar, would be perfect for sunny days.


It is quite a delicate color so you might not want to wear it with your darkest jeans, but other than that it should be fine.

New Shellac colors 2012 has been released – and my order is placed!

The new colors are amazing – and I’ve ordered 4 of them!

The colors that I’ve ordered are; Mushroom Taupe (the one in the middle front), Dark Lava Stormy Raisin (in the middle back) and Silver and Gold VIP Status – sheer diamond and gold effects – which are great for layering over any color!

Can’t wait 🙂

Last time I did my nails I made some effect using Deborah Lippman nail polish;

Love the nightlife - groovy graphite glitter

Shellac; Romantique, Deborah Lippmann effect on thumbs and ring finger

Chanel’s new colors for Spring/Summer 2012

I’v been on a wait list for nail polish once in my life – and that was for the Chanel Particuliere. How crazy can it get???

This is still one of my favorite colors of nail polish. Now Chanel has come out with 3 new colors for this spring/summer and here they are!

Say hello to April, May and June! I’m quite sure April will be my favorite

– which one do you like the most?

Maybe you should put your name on the list at your beauty shop already this week if you want to be one of the first to get it?

For now I’ll stick to my black nails a little longer – but when the spring comes I know that I’ll long for brighter and happier colors 😀