Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks

Since I’ve been away for some days I’ll share with you the last photos I’ve uploaded on InstaGram 🙂

The manicure for the trip to Sweden;

The Byske Brigde

Falukorv barbeque;

On the way home;


Winterholidays on an isle just outside Stavanger – part 2

We went to the city on Monday and Tuesday.

I love this street with houses painted in these amazing cute colors – each shop and cafeteria with their own unique style.

The old tree reflecting in the water…

Outside the cathedral (?)..

Since this actually is supposed to be a blog about bags I’ll post these modeling pics with the PS11. Some of you have asked about the modeling pictures and some of you are probably getting sick and tired of the bag…. But this was the only bag I took with me on the trip so this is what you get 🙂

With love….

Winterholidays on an isle just outside Stavanger – part 1

Ready – Steady – Go!

Traveling with a little child and her backpack – one suitcase and one bag was enough to handle so the PS11 was the only one this time..

At the airport they have quite a few nice Mulberry bags and I took a couple of snapshots…

This is a picture from the only day with sunshine;

The boat trip to and from the isle was something new and exiting!

This is what the weather was the rest of the week – but the scenery is so beautiful, the temperature so nice and the company so perfect that it didn’t matter!

Look at this!

Winter Holidays

My youngest daughter and I are celebrating the winterholidays with my cousin and her 4 kids.
They live on the south/west coast of Norway and the first day here I’ve been celebrating the fact that I’m still alive after a take off and landing in strong sidewind.. I don’t like being on a plane at all and this didn’t exactly make the trip more pleasant..

Anyway – if I survive the flight home – you’ll hear from me again at the end of next week ..

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

PS: I forgot saying that Vassøy/Stavanger is an absolutely beautiful place and that it was sooo good to see my cousin again after 1,5 year!! Her kids are wonderful as well ❤


Modeling pictures wearing my Louis Vuitton Palermo PM

This has been a blog free long weekend and it’s been quite nice..

We’ve had friends over both Thursday and Friday, Saturday we went to the mountains for an event at Tyrihans/Kvitfjell with my fiancees work;

We had a competition on snow-racers, we got «Gløgg» and the best Pizza & Salad 🙂

Here’s a collage with pictures wearing my dear Louis Vuitton Palermo PM – love it ❤

Hope you all have had a really nice weekend ❤

Mulberry Kristin, Louis Vuitton Monogram Cles and Memories from a summer in Oslo..

I love walking along Akerselva that begins at Oset/Maridalen and runs out in the fjord at Bjørvika. The river actually parts  the city Oslo in two.

A lot of work is done many places that you walk by down the river – and it is has become a beautiful way of spending a Sunday with nice sunny weather.

This is the Mulberry bag, Kristin, I used this day. A supercute and practical little messenger bag when you just ned your phone, creditcard, some change and a lipgloss 😉