One post without a bag….!

Some of you have already seen this photos on Instagram 😉

Almost an orange overdose….


What do you think of this Jypsiere messenger from Hermés?

The bag I could (almost) die for is the Hermés Birkin 35 in Eutope or Gris Tourterelle with PHW….

But you know, even from resellers this bag is insane pricy…

And to get one from a Hermés store you’ll have to wait for probably 6-12 months. Not only that – I think you must have bought a few other things there before they let you get on a list for a Birkin.

This color is Eutope, the others are Gris Tourterelle

Then I found this one..

Source: Ebay Milan Station HK

What do you think about the bag?

I’m in love…. 😀


Pink Clutch and Bracelets


Modeling pictures with the Céline Micro Luggage

The day my bag arrived the sun was shining and spring was in the air. A couple of days later it was snowing – a lot! And now it’s raining..

Can’t wait for the spring to be here for real!! 🙂


Winterholidays on an isle just outside Stavanger – 3 and last part..

We were walking a lot both on the isle and in the city – and I wish I had taken one more pair of shoes with me

After a few days my feet was aching a bit…

But both the bag and shoes handled the east/west coast climate very well 😉

Knertens wife Karoline also liked the weather a lot..

…And here is the little trio ❤


Shellac New color 2012 – Rubble

About time to put on some new Shellac

This color named Rubble (very much alike Chanel Particuliére) was one of the new ones from 2012. I did the same effect as last time, but this time with a golden shimmer and three diamonds.

– and since 70% of my wardrobe consist of the color beige – because I love the color beige… this Shellac color is perfect for me 😀


Modeling pictures wearing my Louis Vuitton Palermo PM

This has been a blog free long weekend and it’s been quite nice..

We’ve had friends over both Thursday and Friday, Saturday we went to the mountains for an event at Tyrihans/Kvitfjell with my fiancees work;

We had a competition on snow-racers, we got «Gløgg» and the best Pizza & Salad 🙂

Here’s a collage with pictures wearing my dear Louis Vuitton Palermo PM – love it ❤

Hope you all have had a really nice weekend ❤


My Christmas present to my fiancee – Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Taiga

Illustration photo from Louis Vuitton

My fiancee was constantly looking for his keys, his wallet and his cards….

So this one holds it all in one place – and he doesn’t have to run around the house every time he’s off to work 😉

My fiancee is not a typical LV boy – at all….. So I thought if he didn’t want to use it I could definitely use it for something 😉 But luckily he liked it (I think..) and he has used it every day since christmas!


My little Balenciaga Family…


Louis Vuitton Wallets – Round Coin Purse, Emilie Wallet and Zippy Organizer

Louis Vuitton has got some amazing wallets! I love them and I’ve got more than I actually need.. Sometimes I buy a thing because it’s beautiful – not because I need it… That is one of the things that has to change in 2012! These pictures are from last year though…


This is the Round  Coun Purse, the Emilie Wallet and the Zippy Organizer. I’ll show you more pictures of the Emilie wallet later.

The bracelets are the Keep It and Charm It bracelets.

Emilie Wallet

The Zippy Organizer is really spacious and perfect for traveling. Flight tickets and passport fits inside and it can even hold your phone.