Instagram photos from the last couple of weeks

Since I’ve been away for some days I’ll share with you the last photos I’ve uploaded on InstaGram 🙂

The manicure for the trip to Sweden;

The Byske Brigde

Falukorv barbeque;

On the way home;


I’m away for a few days

Just wanted to let you know that due to illness in my family in law – I’ll be away this week and have more or less no internet access.

The last post is one I prepared before we had to go – so I can share that one with you before I take a break.

I’ll be back soon – take care ❤


Instagram for Android users!! :-D


I feel I’ve been waiting for ages for this to happen – but here it is the Instagram App for us Android’ers 😀

I’ve found a few of my favorite blogers there as well, like – Regine – regineforsund , Fab Fashion for Less – missmaz81 , MajaHuse – maja_piraja, Kiwifashionblog – kiwifashionblog , Komikerfrue – komikerfrue , CamillaPihl – camillapihlno ,  Chiara Ferragni / the blonde salad – chiaraferragni and last, but not least – the incredibly beautiful Wendy – wendyslookbook

Do you have any favorites to share?? Do you have instragram so please tell me – I would love to see your pictures 🙂

My name there is MYBEAUTIFULBAG


Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you’ve all had a really nice day – wether you’ve celebrated Valentines Day or not!

Flowers or no flowers – gifts or no gifts – a sweet text message from your special one (I got that <3) or no text message.

Maybe you said something nice to a coworker and made her/his day special? It’s so many ways to show and spread a little love and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money…

This is my little gift for you guys – it didn’t cost a penny – but I spent quite a while drawing it 😉 It’s the thought that counts, right??

This is half way… I can assure you – drawing on the Galaxy Note is NOT easy!!

And here is the result 😛

Please let me know if anything nice has happened to you or someone you know today 🙂


Just playing with my camera today..

I’m not exactly a professional photographer, but I like it and have a lot of fun with it.




Bloglovin – Twitter and upcoming GiveAway!

I would be sooo happy if you would follow me on Bloglovin 😀

Just click here and start following…

and you can also follow me on Twitter:


Images: We Heart It

Im also planning on a GiveAway again soon – so stay tuned 😉


My new beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note!

I love this phone!

With it’s massive 5,3 inch display it’s a pleasure to read blogs, Facebook, emails – you name it – on it. I’ll have to admit that it looks a tiny bit odd when I’m talking on the phone (it is huge…), but in fact that ‘s the thing I do the least. In fact I’m texting, surfing, checking mail, blogs etc more.

I actually read in a review of the phone that this is not the phone to buy if you want to look ultra-cool, the size makes you look daft — or even Hobbit-like — when making or taking a call…. Oh what the heck!

Look at this fantastic piece of magic and technology;

I’ve protected the back with a red cover and the display with a screen protector.

Can you spot the bag that’s in the background as my wallpaper?? Anyone??

Here reading my blog 🙂

Here I’m reading an email from Efva Attling, I adore her jewelry…

A comparison shot with the Galaxy S II and the Note;

The AMOLED technology makes the screen insanely sharp and the colours are gorgeously rich and saturated, while black areas of the screen actually look black rather than dark grey.


My boy today in the back garden!


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I really need to get the christmascards ready for posting tomorrow!


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