YSL Sheer Candy – playing with the camera

This is not a makeup blog and I’m not planning on turning it into one either – I’ll leave that to the pro’s 🙂

This is just for fun – playing with the camera and editing the pictures in Photobucket.

I might add though that the lipgloss smells like heaven, it’s soft like velvet and taste quite nice as well 🙂

This is how the pictures looked like before I edited them;


If I was to choose… 4 black bags and a wallet!

I seem to be a little hooked on Polyvore these day… It’s such a perfect place to dream – and dream…

I have been thinking about if I only could have 5 bags (including a wallet) – which ones would it be… If you (or I..) think about it you could do fine with one Messenger, one Tote, one Satchel, one clutch and a wallet!

So I’ve been looking at the ones I found on Polyvore and I think these would have been my choices from here:


Givenchy Large Pandora - about 13 000 NOK..

Celine Luggage - about 13 000 NOK

Celine Black Classic Box - about 18 000 NOK for a medium

Chanel Caviar Quilted Timeless Clutch - about 10 000 NOK

YSL Zippy Wallet - about 2 800 NOK

Hey – I think I need a sponsor!!! 😀

 I also like red bags and I’ve done the same in that color….

Stay tuned!