I’m selling some bags…

If you see one that you’d like – please send me an email 🙂


Chanel Uni Grand Shopper – NOK 5000,-

Original price NOK 10 000,-

You can read more about it and see more picture here

Mulberry Bonnie in black – NOK 2000,-

Since I bought the PS11 – I think they are too similar and it doesn’t get out of the house that much anymore..

Read more and see more pictures here

Balenciaga Click in Sanguine – NOK 1900,-

My son bought me a similar purse (not a designer piece, but the fact that he went out to buy it for me counts so much more…), so I don’t need this anymore! 😀

More pictures here


My favorite bags, the color orange and a touch of Hermes..

As I told you in a previous post – my wardrobe consists of a lot of beige…

So to brighten up this color I bought a pair of orange jeans from Lindex at the very affordable price 199 NOK ($35). I’ve had the scarf from Hermes for quite a while and voila – a new look 🙂

The color of the jeans is most alike picture number 2. It’s fun to edit the pictures and give the a little vintage look.

My Chanel PST in dark brown

Finally I’ve taken some pics of my new to me Chanel Petit Shopper Tote in dark brown. I bought it from Yoogi’s Closet and it was a great experience – the bag was even more beautiful than I hoped for. Before I ordered the bag I did a research on them and the Purse Forum was – as always – a big help! Lots of other wonderful «bag-ladies» have shared their experiences with Yoogi’s Closet – both as buyers and sellers so I felt really safe dealing with them. I was not disappointed 😀

This beautiful bag speeks for itself so here it is;

Tomorrow I’ll show you some pictures of me wearing the bag 😉

If I was to choose… 4 black bags and a wallet!

I seem to be a little hooked on Polyvore these day… It’s such a perfect place to dream – and dream…

I have been thinking about if I only could have 5 bags (including a wallet) – which ones would it be… If you (or I..) think about it you could do fine with one Messenger, one Tote, one Satchel, one clutch and a wallet!

So I’ve been looking at the ones I found on Polyvore and I think these would have been my choices from here:


Givenchy Large Pandora - about 13 000 NOK..

Celine Luggage - about 13 000 NOK

Celine Black Classic Box - about 18 000 NOK for a medium

Chanel Caviar Quilted Timeless Clutch - about 10 000 NOK

YSL Zippy Wallet - about 2 800 NOK

Hey – I think I need a sponsor!!! 😀

 I also like red bags and I’ve done the same in that color….

Stay tuned!

The beautiful Blake Lively for Chanel – the Mademoiselle

I now this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I just had to post these pictures of the beautiful Live Blakely.

In Norway this 25 year old actress is most known from Gossip Girl – and I might not be at the age that most of the fans of this tv show is – but I love it!

And I love the bag she’s wearing! This is the Chanel Mademoiselle Bag.

Lively began her acting career at age 11, when she appeared in the 1998 film Sandman, which was directed by Lively’s father. Lively was cast in the CW’s series Gossip Girl, which premiered in September 2007. She plays Serena Van Der Woodsen in this teen drama.

Blake with her hair twisted and braided small pieces, pinned them in and finished with hairspray

Chanel’s new colors for Spring/Summer 2012

I’v been on a wait list for nail polish once in my life – and that was for the Chanel Particuliere. How crazy can it get???

This is still one of my favorite colors of nail polish. Now Chanel has come out with 3 new colors for this spring/summer and here they are!

Say hello to April, May and June! I’m quite sure April will be my favorite

– which one do you like the most?

Maybe you should put your name on the list at your beauty shop already this week if you want to be one of the first to get it?

For now I’ll stick to my black nails a little longer – but when the spring comes I know that I’ll long for brighter and happier colors 😀

Chanel Petite Shopper Tote in Dark Brown!!!!


I have been wanting a Chanel PST in Brown for a long time and almost bought one just before christmas,  – but I didn’t and regretted it… But this time I didn’t think for long.. When the opportunity came I took it!!!

So this is the bag I’m now spending painful days waiting for to be shipped from the US to little Norway and the smallest village where I live my not very glamorous life. But the bag will be my everyday bag and bring a tiny hint of glamour here on the countryside.

This picture is from Yoogi’s Closet where I bought it. It’s not a brand new bag, but the condition is like new and I’m not going to America any time soon and there is no Chanel Store in our country, so this was my chance of owning this HG bag and I couldn’t be happier!

When I get it I will for sure post my own photos of the beauty and let you know if the bag is what I’ve dreamt of IRL!!