It’s been around – 22 degrees here for a week – so I’m dreaming’…..

You should live today and not wish for tomorrow all the time (or something like that..) – but I’m just so ready for spring now – really soon!!

Then I would love to wear a little bit of this 🙂

I’ve written about the Givenchy Antigona before and it comes in so many fabulous colors! This one, Natural Sugar, would be perfect for sunny days.


It is quite a delicate color so you might not want to wear it with your darkest jeans, but other than that it should be fine.


Do you have any bags or accessories from Rebecca Minkoff?

I found a few really nice pieces on Rebekka Minkoff’s site today, and the prices are not to bad either.

I really like this one – and I also like the price. Perfect for a night out or other occasions where you need to have your hands free and doesn’t need to bring a lot – or maybe almost nothing…

5-Zip Rockette - $195/1170 kr

Copper M.A.B Mini w/New Strap, $495/2900 kr

Red M.A.B Mini w/New Strap $495/2900 kr

Black M.A.B Mini w/New Strap $495/2900kr

I have been wanting the Givenchy Antigona for quite a while, but that bag is pricy.. And with the house that we’re building and everything that follows that project (new kitchen, baths, wardrobes etc) I have to moderate my bag-budget  a little… This one has got a much better price and it actually looks a little bit like it! Well… maybe a tiny bit!  All the colors are nice, but i think I prefer the black one.

Rebacca Minkoff ships to Norway as well 🙂

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