Hermés Jypsiere 28 – Clemence – Gris Tourterelle!!!

I honestly NEVER thought I would own a Hermés bag – not in a million years…

I just cannot believe that I’ve been so lucky to get this bag and I have to pinch my arm regularly to believe. I think it’s coming to bed with me tonight 😉 On the other hand – that would not be very popular when my daughter might pay us a visit during the night.

Oh well – I’ll put it next to my bed then….


What do you think of this Jypsiere messenger from Hermés?

The bag I could (almost) die for is the Hermés Birkin 35 in Eutope or Gris Tourterelle with PHW….

But you know, even from resellers this bag is insane pricy…

And to get one from a Hermés store you’ll have to wait for probably 6-12 months. Not only that – I think you must have bought a few other things there before they let you get on a list for a Birkin.

This color is Eutope, the others are Gris Tourterelle

Then I found this one..

Source: Ebay Milan Station HK

What do you think about the bag?

I’m in love…. 😀