Louis Vuitton Monogram Thames

This small and beautiful LV bag is perfect when your out and don’t need to carry to much with you – but when that said it holds surprisingly much. It didn’t suit my non glamorous life though and I sold it… Now for my birthday I’ve laid my eyes on another Louis Vuitton bag that can be both glamorous (if I need that once in a while) and casual for an everyday life.

I’ll show you my birthday wish in the next post 😉


My collection 2 – Louis Vuitton Keepall 50

The first Keepall I had was an old Keepall 60 which I bought on Ebay. It was from the year 1989 but in super good condition.

The husband of the woman who sold it to me said that in fact she took better care of her bags than her husband… 🙂

I used it several times and the only thing I missed was that it didn’t have a shoulder strap. Even if it’s not that heavy – carrying a bag with clothes, your toiletry pouch, an extra pair of shoes etc in your hand feels really heavy after just a few minutes!

So after a year I sold it and started saving for a brand new one – with a shoulder strap! In March 2011 I called my store and my SA there even offered to heatstamp my initials on the tag. They do it to everybody for free if you ask, but I didn’t think of it before she asked me. It turned out really nice!

Keepall 50 with shoulderstrap