New Shellac Manicure with the colors Rose Bud & Romantique

I just put on the black Shellac on Sunday, but realized that I was not in the «black mood»… And when that happens it has to go – right away! This was the result first;

So I started the process…

10 minutes with pure acetone;

Then the Shellac comes off.. I have to rub gently off the Shellac.

Here I have put Base Coat on the ring finger; – this time a did a color test on one finger before I made the decision of colors…

Two layers with Romantique:

One stripe with Rose Bud and flower stickers;

Here are the thumbs and the rest done as well;

The final result;

– and I had a pink day at work today 😀


Shellac New color 2012 – Rubble

About time to put on some new Shellac

This color named Rubble (very much alike Chanel Particuliére) was one of the new ones from 2012. I did the same effect as last time, but this time with a golden shimmer and three diamonds.

– and since 70% of my wardrobe consist of the color beige – because I love the color beige… this Shellac color is perfect for me 😀

Shellac Manicure and Proenza Schouler PS11

The Shellac I’ve used here is the new Dark Lava Stormy Raisin –  except on the ringfingers where I used Masquerade with Silver VIP sheer diamond effect and swarovski diamonds.

I’m ready for the winter holidays 🙂





Manicure – Shellac – Purple Purple and Hollywood red

The other day I showed you my new manicure with the color Purple Purple. An absolutely beautiful color, but after about a day I realized that this particular color was not for me… And when I feel something isn’t right (that could be the jumper for the day, the watch, shoes – you name it) it has to be changed IMMEDIATELY!

As I didn’t have time to remove the Shellac and apply from scratch I decided to try just applying a coat of Hollywood red on top of the purple purple..

Here are the two bottles of Shellac

Hollywood and Purple Purple

Only Purple Purple

Getting a manicure (by myself) – eating lunch – my 2,5 year old running around – taking pictures….

only a woman can handle so many things at once 😉

Comparing the colors – half way!

And here is the result

The result of the two colors together – a deep wine red touch

After watching her mum doing her nails and taking pictures – of course my 2,5 years old made a pose demanding being taken pictures of as well 😀 Pink nails and bracelets to match…..

New Shellac colors 2012 has been released – and my order is placed!

The new colors are amazing – and I’ve ordered 4 of them!

The colors that I’ve ordered are; Mushroom Taupe (the one in the middle front), Dark Lava Stormy Raisin (in the middle back) and Silver and Gold VIP Status – sheer diamond and gold effects – which are great for layering over any color!

Can’t wait 🙂

Last time I did my nails I made some effect using Deborah Lippman nail polish;

Love the nightlife - groovy graphite glitter

Shellac; Romantique, Deborah Lippmann effect on thumbs and ring finger