Proenza Schouler

The other day I wrote the post about 4 black bags and a wallet,

I could easily pick all of these from just one designer; Proenza Schouler!

PS 11 Mini Classic


I like the mini more than the large, this one is 24 cm wide, 16 cm high and 9 cm deep.

But here you can see Rachel Zoe with a large Python, and it not too bad this one either…


PS11 Tote

PS1 Tote

PS11 Clutch


My collection 3 – Louis Vuitton Marie Wallet

This is the Marie Wallet with red interior. I have a few wallets, but this has definitely become my favorite. The size is a big plus as it fits as easily in a small bag as in a big bag – and it’s easy to get to the coins and the cards.

The price was not too bad either (compared to other LV wallets that is.. ;-)) and it cost $345 (2600 NOK). At least it could be possible to save up the money if you really want it!

I bought it on a trip to Edinburgh were I bought a couple of other things as well. This was the first time I used the form for Tax Refund and about a month later I got the Tax refund paid into my bank account! 🙂

If I was to choose… 4 black bags and a wallet!

I seem to be a little hooked on Polyvore these day… It’s such a perfect place to dream – and dream…

I have been thinking about if I only could have 5 bags (including a wallet) – which ones would it be… If you (or I..) think about it you could do fine with one Messenger, one Tote, one Satchel, one clutch and a wallet!

So I’ve been looking at the ones I found on Polyvore and I think these would have been my choices from here:

Givenchy Large Pandora - about 13 000 NOK..

Celine Luggage - about 13 000 NOK

Celine Black Classic Box - about 18 000 NOK for a medium

Chanel Caviar Quilted Timeless Clutch - about 10 000 NOK

YSL Zippy Wallet - about 2 800 NOK

Hey – I think I need a sponsor!!! 😀

 I also like red bags and I’ve done the same in that color….

Stay tuned!

Louis Vuitton Wallets – Round Coin Purse, Emilie Wallet and Zippy Organizer

Louis Vuitton has got some amazing wallets! I love them and I’ve got more than I actually need.. Sometimes I buy a thing because it’s beautiful – not because I need it… That is one of the things that has to change in 2012! These pictures are from last year though…


This is the Round  Coun Purse, the Emilie Wallet and the Zippy Organizer. I’ll show you more pictures of the Emilie wallet later.

The bracelets are the Keep It and Charm It bracelets.

Emilie Wallet

The Zippy Organizer is really spacious and perfect for traveling. Flight tickets and passport fits inside and it can even hold your phone.

The start on the project – My Collection.. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Monogram Canvas

I took out all my bags today, lined them up in loads of different poses and took about 90 photos… (That does not mean that I have 90 bags though!!….) Tonight I sat down – looking forward to see through the photos on my mac – just to realize that the lightening was just not good enough!!

I’ll have to start all over again one day soon (not an evening) when the daylight is brighter than it was today. Actually it’s been snowing from morning to night and it hasn’t really been light at all. A couple of photos were good though so here is three of one of my smallest pieces – the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Monogram Canvas – which I love so much!

Fits perfectly in my Mini Pochette. The Key Pouch holds my cards and coins like a mini wallet.