I’m selling some bags…

If you see one that you’d like – please send me an email 🙂


Chanel Uni Grand Shopper – NOK 5000,-

Original price NOK 10 000,-

You can read more about it and see more picture here

Mulberry Bonnie in black – NOK 2000,-

Since I bought the PS11 – I think they are too similar and it doesn’t get out of the house that much anymore..

Read more and see more pictures here

Balenciaga Click in Sanguine – NOK 1900,-

My son bought me a similar purse (not a designer piece, but the fact that he went out to buy it for me counts so much more…), so I don’t need this anymore! 😀

More pictures here



Here’s a couple of more bags and wallets that I’ve sold over the last months..

I forgot that I had this post that I wrote a few days ago 🙂

Many of you will probably think it was crazy to sell these two pieces, and if I was a «multimillionaire» I would probably keep them in my new wardrobe with glass doors as trophies – just like others buy expensive art and put on their walls ;-)…. But I don’t feel I have that much money –  and I’m not attending a lot of cocktail parties or premieres (read: NONE..) either, I’m not that often on trips that would make it nice to wear this piece of art and it doesn’t feel natural wearing it at my work … Most of the time I’m at home, at work, in the mountains with my family,  at the football practice with one of my sons in wind and rain or family gatherings with my parents, brothers and sister….

Enough said (to convince myself that it was no good keeping them..)  – I hope the girls that bought them use them A LOT and take good care of them… 🙂

Regrets – of course – I had planned that my daughter was going to inherit them – but at the end I sleep very well at night after all 😉

SOLD – Louis Vuitton Make up pouch

Regrets – yes a little – and it might be that I buy a new one exactly the same… When I sold it I was desperate about another bag and I sold many things to justify that purchase – as well….

SOLD – Balenciaga coin purse

Regrets – no – I have the Bal Click 😉

To be continued!….

SOLD #1 – I’ve been good – for a change…

So I’ve mentioned that my goal this year is to sell bags that I don’t use and just have left one messenger, one satchel, one clutch/pochette and one shoulder bag… So I’ve sold a few…

With the house project it’s a little bit difficult to justify having bags that I want to keep just because they’re beautiful to look at.

SOLD – Balenciaga Day in Sanguine

Do I regret – yes… That was the only bag I had in another color than black and dark brown. It was a bag that no one I know have and it was in perfect condition. I need a bag in red….

SOLD – Balenciaga  iPhone case

Regrets – NO – I don’t have an iPhone anymore and it’s way to small for the Galaxy Note 😀

SOLD – Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, matching wallet and iPhone….

Do I regret – NO

The Speedy is classic and iconic – but not a practical bag for me so selling it was ok, the wallet as well as I bought another one I liked better. I’ve even sold the iPhone to finance the Galaxy 😉

SOLD – Louis Vuitton MC zippy coin purse

Regrets – No! Sweet, but not my cup of tea…

SOLD – Mulberry Somerset Tote

Do I regret – a little as it was a great bag to carry all the stuff for my youngest (Changes of clothes, diapers etc, but she doesn’t need that much anymore so it’s ok..)

 SOLD – Mulberry Regular Alexa

Do I regret – No!

I was dying to get this bag, but it wasn’t for me and selling it was no problem.

To be continued……

Balenciaga Click in Sanguine

I had almost forgotten about this little sweetie and it has been lying in the closet for months now!

Maybe it was all the dreaming about red bags that made me remember it again. So I found the box, unwrapped it and put the little things that were lying in my bag in it – and voila!

It’s not huge, but it’s quite spacious and holds a lot!

I’ve had a cold for ages this winter (read: pneumonia and throat infection..) so painkillers, Prolip for sore lips and nasal spray has been a must in my bag for the past few weeks!

Bright colors 1 – Pink

I really deeply adore the color brown, beige, black and grey. But as soon as we get to the middle of January, knows that soon we have February and when that month ends we are stepping right into the Autumn I start thinking pink and brighter colors!

I visited Polyvore this morning and started dreaming….

Vintage Chanel in pink with a tassel, Balenciaga Arena Day, Prada Messenger Bag, Stella McCartney, Bottega Veneta Knot Intreccio Memory Clutch, Mark by Mark Jacobs wallet.

Proenza Shouler PS1, Valentino Leather iPad cover, Dolce & Gabbana , M-edge accessories, Prada iPad Sleeve, Mulberry Adjustable iPad Cover, YSL Belle du Jour iPad Sleve, Smythson iPad Case with Zip